Real Estate May Be the Best Investment

24/7 Wall St.

Foreclosed homeThe rise in real estate prices appears to have created a growing belief that, once again, real estate is a perfect investment. The same sentiment prevailed in 2005 and 2006 before the housing crash. The enthusiasm may not be as wrongheaded this time. Real estate prices have years to go to return to peak levels. In many markets that may never happen. In the meantime, there is much evidence that price appreciation already has begun with force.

According to a new Gallup poll, the population in general has turned positive about real estate values. In a new piece of research, the firm says of real estate as an investment:

Even prior to the recent plunge in the price of gold, fewer Americans rated gold as the best long-term investment — with 24% saying so in April, down from 28% a year ago and 34% in August 2011. Real estate…

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About Tom Johnson

As a Greenbrier County REALTOR®, I offer clients more real estate experience and expertise than others. Having 25+years of determination, competitive spirit, and my belief about success. Looking for land, farms, commercial locations, or vacation/residential homes for sale. I am the Greenbrier, Monroe, Summers and surrounding Counties in Southern West Virginia real estate specialist.
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